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First kill – Part II

you can find the part I here

Naresh rushes back to the police station and gives the news to his colleagues. He was expecting them to be surprised on hearing the news but they were all mocking at him and his news. Everyone said that the old couple was lying and the dead man is their son but Naresh was just not willing to accept their opinion. He tried hard to convince them but in vain. Finally, to shut Naresh up all of them challenged him to prove his point. Naresh knew it would not be all that easy task but he also knew that if could not prove he might become a subject of mockery, not just for his seniors but juniors too.

The next day Naresh again goes to the old couple’s house for some clue. He asks their son’s contact number but they say that it was he who calls every time and he never gave any contact number. The worried couple repeatedly asked the reason for the whole investigation but Naresh never answered to any of their queries. Finally, when he decided to search the house for some clue he gave all the answers and asked them if he could see Manoj’s room. The couple readily agreed and they confidently said that their son is in Bangalore and he calls them every week. Seeing the couple’s confidence Naresh was now even more worried and confused.



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First kill – Part I

Everyone in the police station (no not the ones who were behind the bars) was in a jubilant mood except for sub inspector Naresh Deshmukh. Everyone was happy because they have knocked down Deepak, a well-known gangster of Mumbai, whom police was looking for over five years. Naresh was not happy because he was the one who killed him and it was his first time, in fact the first day on his duty. Every one was trying to cheer him up, but in vain. He was looking at a wallet while everyone else was busy deciding the date of a grand party for all of them who were involved in this mission.


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Lost for a moment

I get up and find myself on the side upper berth of a train. I look around and underneath. None of the people around are recognizable. I can identify only the pillow below my head and the bedsheet over me. There’s a book beside me “The Interpreter” but i dont remember reading it or buying it. An half filled water bottle in the corner. But when did I buy this? And when did I drink water? Infact i dont even remember getting in the train. Where am i going? Where is the train heading? When did I board the train? Every damn question on my mind is unanswered. I ask for the time to the guy standing next to the gate. Its 7 in the morning. What’s happening to me?


September 27, 2005 at 10:27 pm 2 comments

Directionless Creature

There are n or should I say n+1 studies and surveys that indicate or rather prove that women are bad at directions and reading maps. I had always wondered what maps got to do with the sex and lived happily thinking that these organisms are as good or bad as men. All this until the following real life incident.

Now to understand this in and out without any kind of question on our minds we have to go back at least 23 years when god decided to add another woman to the population of this already over burdened earth. But earth had to accept this creature the way president Musharaff agrees on everything Bush says. Some kind of current passes through my whole body when I think that 23 years ago the seeds were sowed to change my views and thinking.


June 12, 2005 at 1:04 pm 2 comments

Colors shattered the dream

This is a story of two guys. Guys who had a lot in common yet were different, who started a new life, a new journey everyday, who played tennis almost everyday morning, and who defined everyday as “once in a while”. Every day on the court they dreamt of being a great player some day though their game was nothing more than Ganguly’s batting. In spite of this they were quite famous with the crowd there and did have the power to make a few heads turn and take notice of them if not their game and this was no less than a great achievement.


May 19, 2005 at 10:59 pm 3 comments

Murder: Not Movie

It was seven in the evening and I had already looked at my watch for some couple of times. I was waiting for brother’s call which I knew would not come before eight. Both of us had decided to have dinner at a cheap, local roadside like restaurant. Though I had lots of work to finish, 8 seemed eternity to me. I left office at around 7:45. People at home were surprised to see me home at an unusual time.


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“John, I just saw her again. I even spoke to her.” John is stunned hearing the words and he is out of all his dreams in the middle of night. Without even uttering a word he disconnects the phone line. He puts on his clothing and heads straight towards Anita’s home.


February 22, 2005 at 5:24 pm 5 comments

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