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5 characteristics of a successful freelancer

In this highly competitive world, its very difficult to become successful freelancer. It’s very important for a freelancer to earn and maintain a very good reputation. Reputation cannot be built overnight but it can definitely be spoilt overnight. Apart from completing client’s work in time and delivering excellent work, there are few other traits that a successful freelancer demonstrates. We look at the top 5 of them here.



December 26, 2009 at 3:00 pm 2 comments

Freelancers versus Employees: The Difference

One might think that there is not much difference between a freelancer and an employee because at the end of the day, both complete the tasks assigned to them and get paid for the work they do. However, there are some major differences if we look closely. The differences include from the method of hiring to method of interaction, costs and much more.


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5 mistakes that freelancers make and how to avoid them

Mistakes are something that everyone is bound to make. Its very important that we all learn from our mistakes and move forward. Same mistakes affect us more than the others and therefore its very crucial to make sure that we don’t repeat mistakes that have high impact on our professional lives. Its a highly competitive world out there are sometimes even the smallest of mistakes can cost us a lot. Here are some of the most common mistakes that every freelancer makes at some point or the other.


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5 type of clients you’ll come across as a freelancer

There are infinitely differently people out in the world which makes it obvious that you’ll come across different kinds of clients. Each new client is definitely going to be different than all the previous ones and each experience is also going to be different. Some are going to be good, others bad. Some will know what exactly they need, others will not. Some will be very tech savvy, others not. Some will be very appreciative and encouraging, others not. And the list is never ending.

Below are the 5 very common types of clients that you’ll come across and more about them.


May 23, 2009 at 10:43 pm 1 comment

5 disadvantages of working as a freelancer

Its been almost a year since I started working as a full time freelancer. I have done a lot of new and exciting things in this period and this has been the most challenging phase too. Working as a full time freelancer has its own advantages and disadvantages. While I worte about the advantages here, its time I wirte about the flip side too.


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Freelancers: 5 factors that can help decide your rate

What’s the right rate to charge? Ask 100 freelancers and you’ll get 100 different answers. Determining the right rate or price is one of the biggest dilema of all the new freelancers out there. A lot of people look at other freelancers and charge similar amounts, some charge based on their experience and others just guess it. There are some major factors that should be considered in order to arrive at the right price. Here are the top five


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5 myths about freelancers

When I tell people that I am an independent software developer, they tend to think that I don’t do the kind of work a software developer does in a big company. They think that I work on small projects which are not interesting and make no money. People think that freelancers don’t meet deadlines because they are not being supervised by anyone. The list is big but here are the top five


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