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5 Simple ways to increase productivity

All of us want to do lots of things in the limited time that we have. We all have deadlines to meet and are under constant pressure. In today’s world its more important to be productive than being smart or talented. Its very important to produce results faster without compromising on quality. If you want to be more efficient at getting things done without burning out, then here are some simple tips and strategies to follow.



October 13, 2009 at 8:56 pm 1 comment

Can Palm Pre be a threat to iPhone?

First came the iPhone from Apple and then the Android platform from Google. Lots of people thought that Android might give tough competition to iPhone but they were all wrong. Forget about giving tough competition it was not able to come anywhere close to iPhone. And, now comes the Plam Pre. The Palm Pre is the first non-Apple phone to incorporate a multi-touch interface.


April 2, 2009 at 9:27 pm 1 comment

Why should one work independently – A real life story

It was a pleasant Sunday morning and I decided to go on a drive. I got ready, got in the car but guess what? Murphy’s Law proved to be true once again. The car refused to start. Although its was a brand new one and hardly been driven it did not start. I would have just left it there and would have taken my bike for a ride but since my dad needed the car in the evening, it was very critical for me to get the car working before evening at any cost. By the way its a Hyundai i10.


January 31, 2009 at 5:04 pm 2 comments

5 simple ways to start getting freelance work

Its been around 5 months since I turned into a full time freelance software developer. Every now and then I meet people who ask me how can they also become freelancer and work independently. My friends and colleagues ping me to ask if I have some freelance work for them. Although I don’t have any work that I can assign to them, I know few ways by which one can find freelance work and projects themselves. The best way is to freelance on the side while keeping a full time job. This can be a very good way to find out if you really are a freelance material or not. I freelanced part time for 2 years while building up the confidence and then gradually became a full time freelancer.


January 16, 2009 at 12:44 pm Leave a comment

5 reasons you should become a freelancer

Its been over 4 months since I quit my job and became a freelance software developer. I am enjoying every moment of my freedom and have also been able give some quality time to this blog. When I look back and think about reasons why I quit my job and what motivated me to become a freelancer, a lot of points come to my mind. But here are the top reasons that I think you should become a freelancer.


December 5, 2008 at 11:00 am 4 comments

5 simple ways to become a successful freelancer

One best thing about being a freelancer is that no two jobs are the same. Each project that we work on brings with it new challenges, new rewards and new personalities. But then there is a dark side of being a freelancer. Freelancers over work and tend to cut down on their social life. Unlike a person who has a regular 9-5 job, freelancers don’t know how much money is going to get deposited into their bank account at the end of every month.

After working as a full time freelancer for a little more than couple of months now, I think following are the five points that I’ll need to focus on in order to become a successful freelancer.


October 20, 2008 at 6:49 pm 4 comments

How PayPal transfers money to Indian Banks?

Whenever I get funds transferred from foreign banks to my bank account, I get a call from my bank asking for the reason why am I getting foreign exchange. I, then have to explain them that I am getting this from my client for whom I did some software development.

Recently, PayPal added a new feature using which I can transfer my PayPal balance directly to my Indian bank account. I thought it was really cool of PayPal to add this feature and this would make both my client’s and my life easier. Therefore, this time I asked my client to send me the money through PayPal. I got the money into my PayPal account and then I used the new feature to get the money into my bank account. After 3-4 days I got the money into my account, but this time I never got a call from my bank. I was wondering why and then decided to find it out.


September 1, 2008 at 3:46 pm 5 comments

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