5 Simple ways to increase productivity

October 13, 2009 at 8:56 pm 1 comment

All of us want to do lots of things in the limited time that we have. We all have deadlines to meet and are under constant pressure. In today’s world its more important to be productive than being smart or talented. Its very important to produce results faster without compromising on quality. If you want to be more efficient at getting things done without burning out, then here are some simple tips and strategies to follow.

1. Create daily goals

When we know the tasks or the amount of work that we need to complete before the end of the day, we tend to work more seriously and focused. Once we are confident of achieving the goal set before end of the day, we start taking things lightly. Make sure you write down these tasks somewhere and strike them as you complete the tasks. There will be days when you’ll not be able to complete all the tasks created and then there will be days when you’ll do much more than just your task list.

2. Do what you love and delegate what you hate

When you enjoy doing something you will never need a push. You’ll automatically start working on it and will not give up until you are done with the task. But when you hate doing something you’ll tend to procrastinate till eternity. Try to assign such tasks to someone else who can do it for you. This way you’ll save time which can spent to complete the task you love doing.

3. Take a break. Relax

We are not machines. We cannot work continuously without any breaks. Event machines need a break when they heat up. Productivity increases with time, reaches the peak, stays there for a while and then comes down rapidly. When you feel that your productivity is declining, take a short break. Relax for a while, eat or drink something and then get back to it again. This way you’ll reach the peak levels more often and gradually you’ll learn to stay at the peak productivity level for longer duration.

4. Find out the most productive time of the day

Each of us are different and therefore we might be most productive at different time during the day. Someone might be most productive during the early hours of the day or late in the night. Others might be productive or prefer working during the regular 9 to 5 hours. Try experimenting with different timings and find out what works best for you. Make sure you get enough sleep though.

5. Learn to say ‘No’

Most of the times we are over loaded with work because we don’t know how to tell ‘No’. Don’t take up task that you never signed up for in the first place. You’ll need to know you priorities very well in order to find out when to tell ‘No’. There are enough people out there who’ll try to exploit you. It’s entirely up to you if you don’t want to get exploited.

Hope these tips will be helpful. Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback.


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  • 1. newhavenhomesllc  |  February 27, 2010 at 3:28 am

    Great blog…These are some great tips…simple and easy to implement

    Pete, New Haven Homes, LLC


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