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Detecting taps and events on UIWebView – The right way

Recently, I was working on a project which required detection of tap and events on the UIWebView. We wanted to find out the HTML element on which the user taps in the UIWebView and then depending on the element tapped some action was to be performed. After some Googling, I found out the most of the users lay a transparent UIView on top of the UIWebView, re-implement the touch methods of UIResponder class (Ex: -touchesBegan:withEvent:) and then pass the events to the UIWebView. This method is explained in detail here. There are multiple problems with the method.

  1. Copy/Selection stops working on UIWebView
  2. We need to create a sub-class of UIWebView while Apple says we should not sub-class it.
  3. A lot other UIWebView features stop working.



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Freelancers versus Employees: The Difference

One might think that there is not much difference between a freelancer and an employee because at the end of the day, both complete the tasks assigned to them and get paid for the work they do. However, there are some major differences if we look closely. The differences include from the method of hiring to method of interaction, costs and much more.


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