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Using iPhone SDK MapKit Framework – A tutorial

Recently I was working on an application in which the map was required to be shown with in the application itself. I tried looking for some online resources that could be of some help but did not find any. I was not able to find any good tutorial that explains how can an address be shown on a map with the application. Therefore, I decided to write one and here it is. Hope it will be of some help.



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5 mistakes that freelancers make and how to avoid them

Mistakes are something that everyone is bound to make. Its very important that we all learn from our mistakes and move forward. Same mistakes affect us more than the others and therefore its very crucial to make sure that we don’t repeat mistakes that have high impact on our professional lives. Its a highly competitive world out there are sometimes even the smallest of mistakes can cost us a lot. Here are some of the most common mistakes that every freelancer makes at some point or the other.


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