5 type of clients you’ll come across as a freelancer

May 23, 2009 at 10:43 pm 1 comment

There are infinitely differently people out in the world which makes it obvious that you’ll come across different kinds of clients. Each new client is definitely going to be different than all the previous ones and each experience is also going to be different. Some are going to be good, others bad. Some will know what exactly they need, others will not. Some will be very tech savvy, others not. Some will be very appreciative and encouraging, others not. And the list is never ending.

Below are the 5 very common types of clients that you’ll come across and more about them.

1. The low budget client

You’ll come across such clients more than often. Every project has a budget but working on a very low budget project will have more negative effect even when you are trying to establish yourself. If the low budget clients are most of the times friends and relatives then you should try and not to work for them. This will spoil the relationship if you work for them on low budget very frequently.

Some times the low budget clients may be appreciative due to fact that they are getting their work done for a fraction of the actual cost.  However, they expect top quality work which can be annoying most of the times. Things might get worse when these clients are in a hurry.

In order to make sure things are smooth its very important for you to make your client realize that working with a low budget has its own disadvantages. In case you are not able to meet your expenses while working for such clients its better to let them go than take losses.

2. The not so tech savvy client

This client most of the times is a business man and know what needs to be done. However, there is a very high probability that he doesn’t know what technology to use and how it can be done. You need to talk to them without using any technically heavy words. Sometimes you’ll need to explain them e-mails, websites and PDFs too. This client is going to rely on you for almost every technical need and will blindly trust you when it comes to technology.

If possible make sure to use phone calls and face to face meetings for discussions and not emails or instant messenger. This will make your life easier and you’ll not have to explain things over and over again. Its also possible to take disadvantage of their ignorance but it will prove fatal in the long run. Also, make sure you don’t insult them just because they don’t a thing which is very trivial for you.

3. Always in a hurry client

This client thinks that you have only one client and that is him. He needs every thing ready with in a very tight time frame. Budget, generally is not a criteria for them while selecting a provider and therefore this can make up for the inconvenience. Also, if you keep them happy they are going to come back to you because they don’t have time finding someone else.

While working with such clients make sure you can give enough time to the project and let the client know that you are working for him most of the times. If their demands are unreasonable make sure you convey the message and ask for more time. Working with such clients is not good for your health in the long run.

4. Co-worker client

With such client you don’t work for him, you work with him. This client know what’s needs to be done and knows how it can be done. However, this client needs someone to speed up the work and get it done faster and therefore hires you. This client is very clear on what he wants and most of the times not interested in your ideas. Sometimes, this client feels that he can do the job much better than you (the feeling people get when working in a big office)

The best way to handle this is to do the job as its told and not to add your own ideas to it. If your work is disliked most of the times by this client then you’ll have to run for your money because the client need to do it all over again.

5. The appreciative client

The appreciative client will always like what you do and will encourage to add your ideas to the work. This will make you happy and push you to give your best to this client. This client will make your life very easy and you’ll feel special a lot of times.

You’ll start forming a negative opinion for other clients because of this client and therefore its very important for you to be able to recognize such clients and not compare with others. Its a bad idea to compare clients anyways. Make sure you give your best and enjoy the appreciation.

While there are other types of client too but most of them will fall under one of the above five categories. If you think there are other types too which don’t fit in here, please add it in the comment.


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