5 myths about freelancers

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When I tell people that I am an independent software developer, they tend to think that I don’t do the kind of work a software developer does in a big company. They think that I work on small projects which are not interesting and make no money. People think that freelancers don’t meet deadlines because they are not being supervised by anyone. The list is big but here are the top five

5. Freelancers don’t give quality results

The major reason for anyone to become a freelancer is confidence in the ability to work on their own. Which means they have to give quality results otherwise they will be rejected almost immediately. Freelancers invest in improving their skills and learn new technologies. Also, successful freelancers find people whom they can consult as and when required.

4. Freelancers work for peanuts

People posting  jobs online often think that they can get a bunch of freelancers compete against themselves and get the job done for lesser price. A freelancer who is finding it difficult to get work can offer a very competitive rate. But after working on couple of projects he will realize his worth and will not work for peanuts. Over a period of time freelancers learn to recognize bad clients, and know how to deal with them.

3. Freelancers don’t meet the deadline

Freelancers are highly professional and skilled people. Their business and reputation is at stake when they work for someone. They really don’t need anyone to supervise them and that’s one of reasons for them to become a freelancer. Over a period of time they develop good time management skills and can also work long hours whenever required. Freelancers know how to work under pressure and meet the deadlines.

2. Freelancers don’t have social life

People working for big companies interact a lot with staff and clients. They have a lot of events organized to build the team which is fun. Freelancers are deprived of all this and therefore they don’t have social life. This is what people tend to think, but the truth is freelancers do have a social life. They work from coffee shops, parks etc.. where they meet new people and interact with them. Some freelancers also share office with other freelancers (I do) which means they do interact with someone while working.

1. Freelancers work 24/7

People think that freelancers are always working and never take a day off. Having lots of work than having no work is always good and all freelancers believe in this. But that doesn’t mean that they work 24/7. Freelancers have good time management skills and know when to work and when not too. Freelancers sometimes even outsource some of their work in order to finish the job faster.


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