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Freelancers: 5 factors that can help decide your rate

What’s the right rate to charge? Ask 100 freelancers and you’ll get 100 different answers. Determining the right rate or price is one of the biggest dilema of all the new freelancers out there. A lot of people look at other freelancers and charge similar amounts, some charge based on their experience and others just guess it. There are some major factors that should be considered in order to arrive at the right price. Here are the top five



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5 myths about freelancers

When I tell people that I am an independent software developer, they tend to think that I don’t do the kind of work a software developer does in a big company. They think that I work on small projects which are not interesting and make no money. People think that freelancers don’t meet deadlines because they are not being supervised by anyone. The list is big but here are the top five


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Can Palm Pre be a threat to iPhone?

First came the iPhone from Apple and then the Android platform from Google. Lots of people thought that Android might give tough competition to iPhone but they were all wrong. Forget about giving tough competition it was not able to come anywhere close to iPhone. And, now comes the Plam Pre. The Palm Pre is the first non-Apple phone to incorporate a multi-touch interface.


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