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Why should one work independently – A real life story

It was a pleasant Sunday morning and I decided to go on a drive. I got ready, got in the car but guess what? Murphy’s Law proved to be true once again. The car refused to start. Although its was a brand new one and hardly been driven it did not start. I would have just left it there and would have taken my bike for a ride but since my dad needed the car in the evening, it was very critical for me to get the car working before evening at any cost. By the way its a Hyundai i10.



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5 simple ways to start getting freelance work

Its been around 5 months since I turned into a full time freelance software developer. Every now and then I meet people who ask me how can they also become freelancer and work independently. My friends and colleagues ping me to ask if I have some freelance work for them. Although I don’t have any work that I can assign to them, I know few ways by which one can find freelance work and projects themselves. The best way is to freelance on the side while keeping a full time job. This can be a very good way to find out if you really are a freelance material or not. I freelanced part time for 2 years while building up the confidence and then gradually became a full time freelancer.


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