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5 simple ways to become a successful freelancer

One best thing about being a freelancer is that no two jobs are the same. Each project that we work on brings with it new challenges, new rewards and new personalities. But then there is a dark side of being a freelancer. Freelancers over work and tend to cut down on their social life. Unlike a person who has a regular 9-5 job, freelancers don’t know how much money is going to get deposited into their bank account at the end of every month.

After working as a full time freelancer for a little more than couple of months now, I think following are the five points that I’ll need to focus on in order to become a successful freelancer.



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5 Simple C++ optimization techniques

We should generally not bother optimizing our code until we know where to optimize. We should first know where the processor is spending most if its time and then figure out how to optimize the code rather than guessing where to apply it. The flip side of optimization is that it makes the code less readable and we all know that developer’s time is more valuable than the machine’s time. Apart from writing code, someone has to maintain it and therefore one should write extensive comments where ever the code is less readable. But there are some simple optimization techniques that can easily applied be applied while writing the code itself.


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