Something is seriously wrong with the people of India

March 10, 2007 at 12:12 am 1 comment

Some time around October 2004 I wrote a post explaining how regionalism was on rise in India. Today, I am seeing that the situation is even worse. Couple of months back some Biharis were beaten up in Assam. Today Mr. Raj Thackrey is openly claiming that Mumbai is only for Maharastrians. If I am not wrong, there was some agitation for not including a player from Kerala (I am not sure about the state) in the Indian cricket team.

None of the posts on this blog has more than 7 comments except for the one that I wrote on Mr. Jeppiar’s english. That post has around 50 comments in which educated Indians are abusing each other. Here are few samples:

Mr. Brave Pandy writes

heyyyy kanji (mallu) son of fucking bitch. here after if anyone called mallu i will scold like this. who said you are mallu. call yourself KANJI ‘ S. All kanji ’s are fit to work in tea shop. Basted Kanji

People who come from the state of Kerala are called Mallus because they mostly speak the language called Malayalam. I have no idea what Kanji means. I guess its some kind of a drink.

Heres another one:

Mallu Students write

hey brave pandy basted,suck jeppiaar kunjii…

Another one:



People from the state of Andhra Pradesh are famously called Goulties.

One more:

anthra guy writes

we anthra guys are with u mallu guy let fuck Tamil “pandiies”

I have no idea about the state from which Mr. Jeppiar comes as I am not from his college. The post not written with the intent of giving the reader a good laugh and not to hurt any ones feelings. I have no idea why this shit started and where will it go. I initially thought of removing all such comments but now I will wait for some more time and see which other states are going to join this fight.

I still remember my history teacher teaching us about Unity in Diversity which I guess is not longer relevant and the time is not too far when India will cease to exist and it will be these small states that will be individual countries.

We, the common people of India should realize the fact that all the politicians are encouraging this kind of shit for their own benefits and for no other reason. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we save India.


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  • 1. writernate  |  November 18, 2007 at 10:10 pm

    India is ancient and people have screwed other people over for millenia. This’ll eventually settle…. hopefully. The worst that can happen is Genocide.


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