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How will the deal take shape ?

One day Naresh Goyal of Jet Airways got off his bed and suddenly the fever of becoming the number one player of the Indian Airline Industry creeped in. Therefore, he decides to buy one of its competitor – Air Sahara. The fever was partly due to the fear of the other low cost airlines and another newly lauched rich looking Kingfisher Airlines. So he thought this acquisition will strengthen its position in the market. He calls the Air Sahara guy Mr.Subrata Roy….



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Platform Independence : The future

Actually speaking no one, not even the experts know where is the OS market heading for. Every one said Open Source is the future, but after apple’s recent success everyone is running behind mac. Also, everyone is eagerly waiting for the big brother to release vista whose market share will eventually drop down. Given this situation for what platform should a developer ideally develop his application. Its just not practical to write code for every platform and make your application available. Of course, Java is one solution, but its slow and in my opinion its crap. So whats the solution ? Read on….


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