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The Mumbaiya Guide

The words or the language that the real people of mumbai speak is totally different from the others. They have a dictionary of their own. Here are a few words from it.



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Calvin at his best

calvin at his best

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The Gandhi Nobody Knows – 2

‘Gandhi,’, the film, this paid political advertisement for the government of India, is organized around three axes:(1)anti-racism–all men are equal regardless of race, color, creed, etc.;
(2)anti-colonialism, which in present terms translates as support for the Third World, including, most eminently, India;
(3) nonviolence, presented as an absolutist pacifism.


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The Gandhi Nobody Knows – 1

Many historians and experts object strenuously that the picture of Gandhi that emerges in the movie or for that matter the Indian history books, is grossly inaccurate, omitting, as one of many examples, that when Gandhi’s wife lay dying of pneumonia and British doctors insisted that a shot of penicillin would save her, Gandhi refused to have this alien medicine injected in her body and simply let her die. It must be noted that when Gandhi contracted malaria shortly afterward he accepted for himself the alien medicine quinine, and that when he had appendicitis he allowed British doctors to perform on him the alien outrage of an appendectomy. (more…)

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To hear the US government tell it, Gary McKinnon is a dangerous man, and should be extradited back to America to stand trial in a Virginia courtroom.

One US prosecutor has accused him of committing "the biggest military computer hack of all time". If extradited, Mr McKinnon could face decades in US jail, and fines of close to $2m.


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