The Wisdom of Crowds

April 12, 2006 at 12:57 am 1 comment

Last week I came to know about this book called The Wisdom of Crowds. I have read only the excerpt and therefore I know that the author is trying to prove that the judgment of crowds may be good in laboratory settings and classrooms. Someone who has read the book said that the author also gives real life examples and proves that the judgement of crowds might be true in the real world too. Lets begin now…

Its good to know that every Indian Industry, be it IT or automobile or fashion or anything for that matter, is on a boom. But its bad to know that wrong people are landing at wrong places.

The first case.

Big guys like Infosys, Wipro, Tom, Dick and Harry are on a hiring spree and therefore to get the best guys they pay like hell. Looking at the kind of packages these guys offer, nothing else matters to the crowd. The crowd finally land up getting paid for literally doing nothing or some trivial tasks. These guys do services for others, which, actually means that they are helping someone else to make more money than they can actually make.
Lets look at it this way. Why is there not a single INDIAN software product development company which is recognized worldwide? Infosys was started in 1981, Microsoft and Apple were started around 1975. Not a big difference. I know there business models are completely different, but what really matters is the kind of work these companies do. Google is just 10 years old for that matter. I cannot compare the work of all the so called Indian IT giants put together to even the smallest of the product development company.

Everyone knows what people in these big companies do. Some sit (or shit) on bench and have nothing to do for months (years in some cases), some maintain a part of client’s project. The rest who work in shifts are into some kind of support. The crowd eventually looks beyond the money and decides for a change.

After a year or two of doing nothing and a rotten head the crowd decides to change the job profile and tries to get into some real development. Only a small percentage succeeds, others opt for higher education (MBA in most of the cases). The small percentage of crowd which got into some real work realizes early in life that what matters most is the love for what you do. If you love what you do, then your degree and academics really doesn’t matter at all. You would anyways give your best since you love doing it.
The rest who opted for higher education finally land up in the same big company, but this time as a manager and even more better pay package. Everything in the beginning is very exciting but the crowd is still not happy with what it is doing. Also, after so many years, it has still not found what it loves to do (managing people ??).

The second case.

The crowd which has not got into these big companies for some reason, constantly keeps trying to get into one of them. But since it cannot sit jobless, it hunts for job – a decent job. This crowd is called nomad. This crowd jumps from one company to other untill it gets into the dream company. This type of crowd is the most unreliable and it never lands up in the dream company. Also, it fails to find the love.

Every person I have met (in the IT field) in my life either falls into the first case or the second (ofcourse their are a very few exceptions). If this is what the crowd thinks is wisdom then India will never have a Bill Gates or a Steve Jobs. All the big Indian IT companies are deliberately killing the creativity of the Indian people. They are killing the entrepreneur in you who can think differently and can thing really big. All the big management schools talk about entrepreneurship and shit. Everyone knows that entrepreneurship is something which is inborn and can never be thought. We have living legends who never even went to college and still have the power to turn the world’s economy.

Is this what we Indians call the wisdom of crowds?

If you don’t love something you do, then your not doing justice to yourself. You are a mercenary if you look at the money part of anything. Money and recognition will never matter once you realise your love (even if you are not financially stable).


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  • 1. Bindu  |  April 12, 2006 at 8:22 am

    In most of these cases, the people don’t really know what they love. All one aims is a high paying job which gives all money that you need plus a hot babe in your arms. This is what 99.99% of the crowd thinks.

    As for as entrepreneurship is concerned, one needs to have the WILL, persistence and real guts. More than that, one needs a definite vision, a vision that would change the world.

    But.. “Money and recognition will never matter once you realise your love “..

    Isn’t the crowd after JUST MONEY AND RECOGNITION? Then it doesn’t matter whether one is working in Google or Infosys.. (As long as both pay the same amount)


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