Coffee and Information….

March 24, 2006 at 1:06 am 2 comments

The day started at a very disappointing note when we guys once again failed to find someone good and lucky enough to work for us. But as usual we cheered ourselves by shopping some good stuff. In all this one of my colleauge ultimately was left with no means of transport to go back home after the work. Now, to decided on how to go home he wrote down all the possible cases (He has been writing test cases for software and nowadays he even decides on the smallest of things by first writing down all the cases…). Few of them were – Catch an auto (way too expensive), Go by train (have to walk a lot from the station to home), Hitch Hiking (done it a couple of times and was in no mood to do it today). So the only solution was me. He requested me to drop him and I readily agreed.

It was 7:30 in the evening and we started our expedition. Oh, by the way, before we started our expedition we took a few luggage with us (A Dell Inspiron 6000 and an iBook). While generally discussing things on our way, a bright idea struck our man and then again working out all his cases, we guys decided for a coffee at Barista. Another friend of his, Sandeep decided to join us. As we reached Barista, to our surprise, we found another known guy called Aamir. This guy has been into sales for around eight years and currently works for Dell. Aamir was also with his luggage (some Dell stuff) and luckily, this guy was connected to the internet through some card. Our man opened up the iBook and eventually found that it cannot be connected to the net and it was as good as dead. Looking at this dead body I knew the Dell has already committed suicide. And then came the begininning…

Aamir asked our man about his job and stuff. We told him about us and one of our products. We showed them how your’s and your company’s life become simpler by using our product, we showed him some feedbacks from our customers and he was amazed. Gradually, the conversation moved towards the web community and then we showed them this, this and this. Our man talked about how all these amazing things work and how they are surviving and stuff. They got hooked up and we knew this would happen. After all this information sharing came the climax. Guess what? The iBook came to life….

A couple of guys, not from India, were sitting beside us. One of them had the “Fat Man”, Power Book and the other one had the “Little Boy”, an iBook. When we were done with our talking and were just about to leave, one of them approached us and asked if we knew some place from where he can buy some apple accessories. Luckily, we had the information and we passed it on. Those guys told us that our iBook was the only third mac system that they had come across in India as yet. They were happy to see it and so were we, to show it.

Moral : It feels good to share information…


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  • 1. saturnring  |  March 24, 2006 at 11:29 am

    what a good time! coffee, browsing the net, talking about new technologies – an exciting mix!

    i think the time we had was enhanced by the interest shown in what we were talking, by our listeers, Sandeep and Aamir(Surprisingy!)

    should do these kind of things more often.

    P.S: We did talk about another friend’s company too at the coffee table, Quick Notes Plus by ConceptWorld. See

  • 2. Bindu  |  March 24, 2006 at 11:38 am

    Guess the ibook felt very left out in the whole conversation and decided to patch up with you guys!!


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