First kill – Part II

January 28, 2006 at 11:18 pm 1 comment

you can find the part I here

Naresh rushes back to the police station and gives the news to his colleagues. He was expecting them to be surprised on hearing the news but they were all mocking at him and his news. Everyone said that the old couple was lying and the dead man is their son but Naresh was just not willing to accept their opinion. He tried hard to convince them but in vain. Finally, to shut Naresh up all of them challenged him to prove his point. Naresh knew it would not be all that easy task but he also knew that if could not prove he might become a subject of mockery, not just for his seniors but juniors too.

The next day Naresh again goes to the old couple’s house for some clue. He asks their son’s contact number but they say that it was he who calls every time and he never gave any contact number. The worried couple repeatedly asked the reason for the whole investigation but Naresh never answered to any of their queries. Finally, when he decided to search the house for some clue he gave all the answers and asked them if he could see Manoj’s room. The couple readily agreed and they confidently said that their son is in Bangalore and he calls them every week. Seeing the couple’s confidence Naresh was now even more worried and confused.

He finally got a clue. A dairy with few names and telephone numbers. He asked the old lady if he can take the book with him. He got a positive answer.

He rushed to the forensic lab and asked the doctor to match the finger prints on the dairy with that of the dead body. He noted down the names and numbers in the dairy and asked a constable to find the people in the dairy. The results are out and everything is clear now.

Naresh rushes to the old couple’s house. He tells them that their is no point lying now, the finger prints on the dairy are same as of the dead body. The old man is stunned, but the lady is just not willing to accept and still claims that her son is not a gangster. Naresh also tells them that the names in the dairy are of people who has got extortion calls in past one year and few of them are even dead. Finally, he tells them that if the body will not be claimed by the next day then the body will be given to the medical college. Naresh leaves.

When Naresh is just about to start his bike, the old man calls him from behind. He tells that all this while he thought that his son is in Bangalore but now he thinks that he his wrong. He thanks the police officer for the news and then Naresh leaves.

As Naresh enters the police station everyone starts laughing at him. They ask if atleast now he believes that Manoj and Deepak are the same person and the couple was lying about their son’s identity. Naresh blasts everyone saying that all them were wrong. He tells them that the couple never imagined that their son would become a gangster and they never lied about their son. His reply was so intense and emotional that everyone was just speechless. He told them that it was Deepak who was living two lives and was duping his parents. Everyone was silent when a senior officer told Naresh to follow him to his cabin.
He reminds Naresh that this is his first case and there will be many more cases like this which he will come across. He suggests not to get emotionally attached to anyone related to case. Naresh finally understands what the officer meant and he finally smiles. Both of them come out of the cabin in a jubilant mood.


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  • 1. Bindu  |  January 30, 2006 at 5:49 pm

    One masala flick is ready boss!! Captain!! where are you? Check out this new script writer!!


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