Star Wars Episode IV – Revenge of Power Parasuram

July 15, 2005 at 6:57 pm 1 comment

Story of our captain’s next movie, Stars wars episode 4 – Revenge of power Parasuram. The movie has no connection with any of the other stars wars pictures screened.

The first scene starts in a Chinese Space station where Chinese scientists claim to have spotted a new comet heading our way. They send the message to NASA for confirmation. On the contrary NASA with its advanced technology in hands finds out that it is not a comet but a huge space ship(aliens coming to conquer the earth)which transmits a signal to earth to surrender or face complete destruction. Shocked by this, all the world leaders panic and discuss on resolving the situation .

Then comes a suggestion from an Old Russian space scientist( played by Nazar) who claims to have found some information on this alien ship years back during the cold war. He reveals that there is one and only one person in the earth who can defeat the aliens and save the earth from complete destruction. Guess who?

None other than our CAPTAIN Bharatkant (played by our captain Vijaykanth believed to be an extra terrestrial child) who lives in a remote village with his wife (played by Mallika sherawat who is a village girl but still flashes in modern attire) along with his cow Kamachi and Kamachi’s son.

Meanwhile NASA people come to Vijaykanth asking for his help to evade earth’s dooms day. At first he refuses but later accepts due to pressure from Mallika.

Vijaykanth lands at NASA with a torn shirt and his dhoti. Most in NASA remain skeptic about his abilities to resolve the situation.Vijaykanth orders some of the scientists to build a space craft and gives them the design and tells them he wants it within 3 days. One of the scientists insults Vijaykanth saying he is a barbaric villager and what he knows about space craft design and he has no knowledge of space science.

(With the usual background sound)Vijaykanth starts telling the scientist about details of aeronautical stuff (gives all details) and also blames about the present corrupt political situation (don’t know why all of a sudden this came in the picture) and keeps talking to a point where the scientists ears bleed and they falls at Vijaykanth’s feet to stop.

After the space craft is built he sets off with his pilot (played by Vadivelu) heading towards the alien space craft. During his journey vijaykanth’s space craft is hit by a meteor and the craft spins into high revolution and captain falls unconscious. A duet with our Mallika sherawat wearing economical attire. Naughty captain plays around with Mallika with miniskirt (you get the drift right!!!-commercial stuff).

Then he lands on the enemy alien space ship and finds out that a huge army of aliens are ready to attack the earth under the leadership of a dark evil leader(played by Raghuvaran) who is called as Lord Helmet(because he wears a black helmet).

Vijaykanth takes out his saber(that star war sword)and fights all of the army all by himself(Vadivelu too kills a few aliens with a spanner) and heads towards lord Helmet to defeat him. The big fight starts and goes on for sometime, as the fight goes on lord helmet’s helmet falls off and his face is revealed . Hold your breath.

Vijaykanth is shocked to find out the lord helmet is none other than his father (The story of this will appear in the next star warz prequel). As the fight proceeds lord helmet gets weaker so he makes his runaway and he takes Vijaykanth’s space ship and heads towards the earth .bizzzz Vijaykanth follows him and chases him. Lord helmet goes straight to Vijaykanth’s house and holds Mallika captive while Vijaykanth rushes to her rescue but he is interrupted by Pakistani terrorists and attacked(reason unknown). Though the terrorists have big guns and bombs they go on to a have a hand fight with Vijaykanth, a huge number of terrorists gangs up on Vijaykanth and fight(The stunts are similar to the matrix movie part 2).

Vijaykanth hits his place and rushes to rescue Mallika and defeat Lord helmet for once and for all. Little does he know that Lord Hemet has a booby trap set for Vijaykanth who keeps walking towards it unaware. Tension mounts as Vijaykanth nears the trap all of a sudden Kamachi madu (cow) comes in between and scarifies it life to save Vijaykanth’s life. The death of Kamachi puts all of them into a big shock including Kamachi’s son. Vijaykanth swears to kill lord helmet and he breaks a window glass (usual old Tamil movie stunt) and falls on lord helmet and they start the fight. This time Vijaykanth gets badly injured and at a point drops his sword and falls to the ground. Just as Lord helmet raises his sword to stab Vijaykanth (Warning : Heart patients please do not read further) the expression on lord helmet’s face changes and he falls to the ground and dies. Cow Kamachi’s son PARASURAM has killed lord Helmet to take revenge for his mother’s death (hence the title) .The next scene is a duet song with Mallika Sherawat and the movie ends.


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  • 1. Anonymous  |  August 19, 2005 at 6:09 am

    when does da prequel release???



    Sudhakar Fomra


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