Murder: Not Movie

April 18, 2005 at 9:34 am Leave a comment

It was seven in the evening and I had already looked at my watch for some couple of times. I was waiting for brother’s call which I knew would not come before eight. Both of us had decided to have dinner at a cheap, local roadside like restaurant. Though I had lots of work to finish, 8 seemed eternity to me. I left office at around 7:45. People at home were surprised to see me home at an unusual time.

Both my brother and me washed our face and left home looking forward for relatively unhealthy but delicious food. We decided to walk as the eatery was not too far away. As we entered the street where the bistro is situated we heard a group of men shouting. When I looked in the direction from where the sound had originated my body went numb, blood stopped circulating, eyes widened, mouth opened gasping for air and some kind of fear started gripping me. I knew I was going to watch a man getting brutally murdered.

Two men were running for their lives, followed by a group of armed men wanting to kill who were just couple of meters away from them. They were less than 100 meters away from us and distance was decreasing every second. None of their faces very clear, thanks to government not bothering about the street lightings but all their long shining knives were clearly visible.
When they were some 20 meters away one of the two men running for their lives tumbled and fell. Now all the faces and emotions were clearer. Man on the ground was pleading for his life but the others were out on a mission. They were emotionless but it was clearly written on their faces that they were going to kill that man.

Now the knives started moving towards the neck of the man lying on the ground now knowing that this was the end. Each of them had mastered the art of murdering, knowing where exactly to attack. Every time the knives flew towards ground more blood sprinkled out from the body. There was blood all over, on the ground, on the faces of the murderers, on their old, partially torn clothes and of course on the knives. Six men, less than 10 seconds, couple of turn for each and he was out.

He was killed for ruthlessly for a reason unknown to the audience. The armed men returned not bothering about the second person who ran past me. The body was lying on the ground with no one in the audience daring to even find out if he was breathing or not. Like my brother even I was sure that it would be foolish to try to save him. He was already reduced to a dead body.

We decided to take the other, round about way to our dinner place not wanting to look at a person who has been killed in front of us. We informed a constable whom we saw on our way. Everything in that place is fine now but the blood stains are still there on the ground reminding people about the incident. Who is going to clean them? Time?


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