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“John, I just saw her again. I even spoke to her.” John is stunned hearing the words and he is out of all his dreams in the middle of night. Without even uttering a word he disconnects the phone line. He puts on his clothing and heads straight towards Anita’s home.

The half asleep guard also comes to real world as he hears a car approaching the gate. Swiftly he gets up and opens the gate even before the car halts. John slows down the car initially while approaching but as he watches the guard opening the door for him he accelerates the car. Not bothering about the car keys John runs towards the lift. He gets in and presses the button which reads 10.

As he presses the door bell of 10-A for the third time a beautiful but frightened lady of about 32 opens the door and her teary eyes stares at a short but well built psychiatrist of about 40. Anita is lawyer by profession whose husband died on their way back from honeymoon. She had a daughter who was killed in road accident 7 days ago. She was on her way to home after school hours.

“What did she tell you?” John asks Anita after making her feel a little secured and comfortable.

“She’s calling me. She needs me.” Anita says as tears roll down from her eyes.

“It’s just your imagination, hallucination. You are not yet fully out of your daughter’s death.” John replies begin a bit harsh and irritated.

Now the velocity of tears increases.

“Sorry”, says John as he hugs her. She feels comfortable and stops weeping. He takes her to the bed room, somehow makes her sleep and he is back on his way.

The next day when John had finished his work and was about leave his mobile vibrated. He took out his mobile lazily from his trousers pocket but his eyes lit up looking at the number. It was her again. She was calling from her residence. He pressed the green button and it stopped vibrating.

“I saw her again. She is calling me. Please help me.” The voice from the other end broke down as she finished. John didn’t know how to help.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be there.” Even without waiting for some kind of acknowledgement he disconnected. He immediately rushed out of his work place and headed towards his destination. On his way he invited the cops to Anita’s house.

This time the gate was open. John parked his car just next to the lift and got into it. The two guards at the gate understood something was wrong. They headed towards the lift and waited till the lift stopped. It stopped at the 10th floor. They heard a police van entering the gate. One of the guards rushed towards the van while the other had already ordered the elevator to come back.

All seven of them, two guards and five cops, got into the lift. As they came out of the lift on the 10th floor, they saw a well-built man trying to open a door which is locked from outside. When John saw cops he shouted,”She’s inside, she’s in trouble. Please help me open the door.”

The inspector takes out his revolver and pulls the trigger. He coolly places it back in his holster and pushes open the door with his legs. The guards wanted to tell something to the inspector, but everything happened at such a pace that their voices were not able to keep up with the pace. They were unheard.

John follows the inspector inside the house. Others also enter. John, not finding Anita in the drawing room, rushes towards her bedroom.

“She called me just now. She called me from here.” John was now out of his senses. He didn’t know what was happening.

“She was pleading for help. Believe me.” John tried to convince the inspector that something was really wrong.

“It’s been 6 months since she committed suicide”, uttered one of the guards. Everyone is stunned except for the two guards.

One of the guards came forward and said, “The day her daughter was killed in the accident she also committed suicide. She thought it was because of her mistake, the child was killed. The same night she jumped out of her balcony.”


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The Hutchison Experience Bond, James Bond

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