The Hutchison Experience

January 23, 2005 at 11:21 pm Leave a comment

Today morning my boss threw a few envelopes on to my table and without even uttering a word he headed towards his desk. With some bizarre “from” name and address on it which I did not bother to read or recognize, I tore open the envelope just to find that it was from some legal consultant working for HUTCH. In short, it was a legal notice to the company asking it to pay the outstanding bills of a few disconnected mobile phone connections which were under the company’s name. Now let me start from the beginning.

It had been a few months since I joined the company and all my colleagues insisted that I should also buy a mobile phone for myself as everyone carried one. As always I was against this idea. But one odd day my boss gave me a SIM card and told me to buy a phone for myself. Of course, when he gave he did mean that he’ll pay all my bills but it was like buying a car because you have a stereo for it. It was a kind of blackmail but I did not bother. As a result, hutch deactivated my account because it was not in use for quite some time. The deactivation was as useless as those hindi film songs as we had paid the bills on time and obviously fully. If misusing was the reason for deactivation, then hutch needs a few people with brains who devise their deactivation policy. If something is not used where is question of misusing it. If the reason is to make some profit for the company by charging for reactivation then you have already lost the trust of the customer because it is a kind of hidden cost or rather executing someone for no reason. Does hutch means that not using your phone is a crime and you have to pay for it? What shit? The customer is paying his rentals and all the other amounts on time. Be happy. Eat and sleep well.

When asked for a reactivation there was an extra activation charge in the next bill. Not only the activation charges which were boldly popping out, these people at hutch who are thought to make at least one mistake in every bill changed the whole plan of my connection. The connection which was registered under the 299 which means my rentals is Rs.299 was billed as 799 plan. I would have been happy if the bill was thrown into the dustbin but this could not be done. There were quite a few connections under the company’s name and therefore it was the company which was at stake. I decided to arrange a phone for myself.After all this we used the hutch connections for some three odd months and every time we got our bills there were at least two mistakes in it. The bills were like Microsoft’s product where one can be sure of finding at least two bugs. It also happened that in the last month of usage in spite of considerable number of warnings there were a few commendable errors. All of us here lost our patience and decided to surrender all the accounts. I think hutch probably didn’t like us as their customers. We did not pay our last bills as we had to get a few reversals of unnecessary amounts which hutch had billed for no crime of ours.


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