“Namma Oorukkara”

October 3, 2004 at 11:24 am Leave a comment

“Is there a tamil version of this movie running in any theater?”, asked one of them standing beside me to his friend. They had come to watch “The Village” by M. Night Shyamalan. “Big deal. He is namma oorukkara machha (he is from our land). We’ll watch it in English itself.”, said the other. “No he is not a Tamilian. I think he is a Mallu guy.”, argued one of them from the group. “So be it. He is an Indian and so are we”, said one of them.

This sentence was the greatest surprise any Tamilian has bestowed upon me. A Tamilian being an Indian first and then a Tamilian. This was the first person I have found in my 18 years of deadly life in Chennai who was an Indian. People in Tamilnadu are more proud to be a Tamilian or south Indian than being an Indian. This trend is slowly spreading to other states also. This is evident from more regional political parties evolving every year.

In America people are Americans first and then anything else. In India people are Tamilian, Marathi, or Gujarati first and then Indian. India would have become a super power long time back if this attitude of regionalism would have been secondary to nationalism. In India the sequence has always been either region, religion, country or religion, region, country. Why is it that the country has always failed to be of supreme importance? Has Indian education system failed to inculcate patriotism in the students? Is it the Indian politics which for its own benefit encouraging regionalism?

Time for a Riddle

Why is Industrial growth so slow in South India?

Because 86% of the shift time is spent in lifting, folding, holding and retying the lungi.


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An interesting anecdote on originality LOVE – Language of the World

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