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The other day I switched on some Tamil channel and some movie trailer was been shown. A stunt scene was on and the hero of the movie was handling at least 2 dozen fighters, the way Neo handles the bad guys in The Matrix. In Matrix the base was such that one can believe and the way it is shown one can take things. Guy in the movie was a police officer and I later also found out that it was based on some true story. Now there is a limit to exaggeration. I am sure the name of the movie was 2 dozen gangsters and a police officer.

If the Olympic divers and gymnasts would have viewed the scene, they would have felt substandard. The judges of the events would have run out of points for the hero.
In the scene the hero while on one of his knees takes a 360 turn and kicks the gangsters around him with the other leg. All of them fly and fall some 100 feet away. This doesn’t happen even in the cartoon movies or those Superman or Spiderman movies. The best part is that the movie is a super hit. I seriously wonder how people can digest such things.

I decided to view all the rest of the trailers.

The next was also something similar. This was even more comical. A guy who would get carried away with the wind blowing at one fourth the speed of hurricane Ivan or Frances was handling at least 6 to 8 guys and all had some kind of weapons. At one point he was even faster than Neo and his every punch and kick brought out some blood. Now I started wondering if it was a science fiction where he has got some kind of power. It was a normal movie where the hero was a college student and he was handling the drug mafias.

Then came the ultimate stuff and the god of Kollywood stunts – Vijaykanth. A similar scene where he was handling again some couple of dozens. It was already some long 20 minutes and the fighting sequence seemed to be never ending. This guy with his belly falling down was as fast as Schumacher’s Ferrari or probably even faster. I believe he won’t let down the offer of a movie with just one fight sequence which would last for the whole of the movie. The best part being people crowding the theaters to watch it and going crazy behind their god. Here it’s not what the movie is all about but what matters is whether their man is in the movie or not.

Time fot the Joke

This piece of info is from a Potential Oscar Winner. Name of the film is Ga Ga Ga Gajendra….. Starring Capt.V Kanth !!!!
Here is Potential scene that has got grabbed the attention of James Cameroon and Spilberg !!!!

It goes like this !!!

Goondas of Villans trap Capt. V Kanth and ties him. They throws lot of knife all over the body of our Supernatural Hero !!!! Blood ooozes out of his body …… oops… guess what our Hero does…… even Jackie Chan was biting his nail !!!
My God… Capt V Kant takes out a Cigarette… puts it in his mouth…. and looks at all those goondas of Villian !!! All of them were astonished Hero tells them…. Enna da paakarenga !!!!! (( in his tone ) what are u looking attt ?????…. ))

Vathikuchi illama ivan eppadi dhum patha vaipaana ?? ( How is he gonna light up the cig without a matchstick ??? ) Then he does the Ultimate thing in the movie which is not tried anywhere in the world !!!! He takes out a knife from his Body… touches the blood thats coming out and puts it in his cigarrate..

Ciggarate Glows….. Capt V Kanth Smiles…. !!! He then delivers another dialogue !!!! En rathathila irukku da Neruppu ….. ( Gotcha my blood has got fire in it ) Spielberg faints !!! Jackie Paralyses… and James Cameroon quits Hollywod !!!

Dont miss out this action packed movie !!! U will never get a chance to watch a movie all alone in a theater !!!


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