Murder Hyped

September 28, 2004 at 9:36 pm 1 comment

It’s been some ten odd days since a woman working in a call centre was killed by some drunken youths. They ran their car over her two wheeler and she died on the spot but the news is still very hot and somewhere or the other there is a mention of this incident in the media even today. Even the Salman Khan case in which he ran over a few people, was not hyped so much, then why is this? Is it because Chennai is so small and dead that even the smallest of the incident seems to be hot and happening. This was not the first time something like this has happened in the city. With all this over, now the only question people here asking are who is to be blamed for this loss of life? Is it the pubs and bars which are open till late night or is it the police which could have been more vigilant and the incident could have been prevented or is it the youths who could have behaved more responsibly?

Now as usual police will patrol till late nights, pubs will close before 11 and the youth would also be reluctant to party. This will be the scene till this chapter is closed and then the city would be back to normal. Till then where should the party freaks go? Why is it that the steps which should have taken before are been taken after? Is it because the government and the police do not want to wake up till there is a loss of life?

In true terms nothing has changed. This has been happening from long time, be it eve-teasing or drunken driving. Until there is a real loss nothing is done. This calls for some basic lessons for the police and the government. If they would have acted a little more responsibly then this could have been prevented. They are here to prevent accidents and protect the mass and not just wait for something serious to happen and then take necessary steps.

This incident has resulted not only loss of lives but the hospitality industry is also losing much. The pubs and bars are turning into schools and colleges where you are suppose to show your id card in order to get entry. The best part is that you can vote once you turn 18 but have to wait till you turn 21 to get an entry to a pub. People are confused, when exactly do they become major?


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  • 1. Anonymous  |  October 3, 2004 at 2:23 am

    I personally feel that the government and the police shouldnt be singled out as the root cause for such accidents. General awareness amongst the people should be inculcated right from the begining.Each individual, especially the every youth should be aware of the ill effects of drunken driving. Severe action should be taken against these law breakers. Pubs and Night clubs ought to take preventive measures and should properly run in accordance with the law. Entertainment should be something that boosts up our life and not the ruins ones life. Unless the people and the police (government) cooperate with each other and work for each others welfare i dont see any drastic changes happening in the present scenario in the near future. Lets all work together to build a better tomorrow.



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