Taken for a ride

August 23, 2004 at 10:28 pm 1 comment

“Get up Benjo. Its 8.30”, my brother shouted as he was wearing his shirt and kicking my already paining ass. “Don’t you have to go to the office?” he asked. “Mind your business”, were the first few words I thought of but as soon as the numbers entered my sleeping ears I was grateful to him for waking me up and averting any kind of crisis that could arise due to me being late. I some how managed to leave home at the usual time without finishing many of my usual activities.

I pulled my bike out of the garage which is always filled with all types of vehicles and if unfortunately you happen to be one of those unlucky persons then you can even get a chance to see those shameless couples making love early in the morning in their car which clearly reveals erotic pictures and giving you the choice of the angle. Sonofabitch, I abused. Bloody, when the hell will I see these days, were the exact words which ran through my mind and even before I came back to my senses I was at the first signal from my house. With every second passing by at the signal I made laborious effort to erase the erotic scenes from my mind and come back to the reality.

“Are you gonna turn right and climb down the bridge?” a very sweet sounding voice walked into my left ear. I turned back and nodded. Actually my head moved automatically even without my consensus. “Can you drop me on the other side?” I would have told yes even if that wouldn’t have been my course. She was so damn beautiful that anyone would have told yes. She looked like a college girl.

Since there happen to be a college near my office I asked if she goes to the same college and luckily the answer was yes and therefore I offered to drop her till the college which she happily accepted. I don’t know why she said but she said that nothing great was gonna happen in class and she felt like going out for a ride. I have no idea why I offered to fulfill her wish but I did, probably because the scenes of the movie I have watched in the morning in my garage were still very fresh and had decided to utilize even the slightest of the opportunity.

She was hesitant initially but then I didn’t give her time to decide and even before she could tell me that she wanted to attend classes my bike was heading the highway. It was understood that we were going for a ride. This was very unusual of me. For the first time something else has become more important than my job, my career. I forgot my office completely.

As the city was getting away from us she was getting closer to me and at one point she put her hands around me. Everything was happening at a lightening speed. My bike seemed to be crawling in front of her speed. There was absolutely on one on this road and all of a sudden she whispered, “Stop for a while.” I obeyed; she got down, came in front and moved her face towards mine.

“Get up Benjo. Its 8.30”, my brother shouted as he was wearing his shirt and kicking my already paining ass. “Don’t you have to go to the office?” he asked.


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  • 1. Swarna Rethas  |  August 24, 2004 at 11:58 am

    You should have kissed her at least and then gotten up! Pass me some of these kind of dreams if u have them in abundance!


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