Tarzan – The wonder car

August 16, 2004 at 10:26 pm 2 comments

It was just 6.00 and my brains had already stopped working. So I decided to give up and go home. Frankly speaking it was the kavi sammelan (A hillarious comedy show by humor poet) that I had to attend in the night which was responsible for my brain crashing and not willing to reboot for the day. Having no other choice, I mean no other brain to use I had to give up. I packed up and left. The actual time of the show to start was 8.15 but with the kind of audience this was targeted at people would gush in even just before the end. But since I didn’t want to miss even the slightest part of it I decided to be there at 8.30 exact. So I left my place at around 8.00 in the evening and according to my calculations I should have been there at eight thirtyish but as always I calculated erroneously.

One of the organizers who fortunately or unfortunately happened to be my cousin offered me the ticket and that too for free in spite of ticket shortage and this was very new for me. I very well knew it was not cash or credit but some other mode I would be expected to pay for this front row ticket. I was not wrong in my calculations this time. He wanted me to bring his wife and two children along in their car (basically the job of driver) since he would have to be at the venue well before the show timings. I didn’t protest on that because I knew the amount I was being paid for this was just unparalleled.

We all left from their home at 8.05 in their antediluvian model of Maruti 800 which unlike my brain can crash anytime anywhere without any reason and without even serving a notice. This was not the first time I was driving their car but what happened that night was something which happened for the first time.

“hey wats happening! The engine has stopped working, its not starting. Wat the F#@$ is happening”, I spoke to myself as everyone else was enjoying the DJ Doll song. First thing I decided to do was to utilize the little energy left in the car. Since the engine had failed while in motion I thought it would to sensible to somehow get the car to one side of one of the busiest road of city before the car actually halts. I somehow managed to get the car aside and my instances told me it was a great occasion to display my crisis management skills.

The first thing I wanted was to get rid of the ladies (the mom and daughter) because I very well knew they would start panicking in some time and the situation might worsen. I arranged for an auto rickshaw for them and told them that we (the son and I) will be at the venue once we get the car to a safer place. They were happy to depart and had no problem watching the show without us. Both of us somehow managed to push the car into the connected lane and as I was giving it a last try something implausible happened.

“What happened? I know what the problem is. Do you want me to help you? I am a mechanic.” the guy watching everything from the corner said as he approached.

“I think its dead. I would be thankful if you can help”, I replied with a voice which sounded as if I was back from my girlfriend’s funeral. He was the kind of mechanic I have never met, he was just genius. He knew what exactly and where exactly the fault was and he set it right in just two minutes. I actually counted; it was 1 minute and 56 seconds. Both our face lit up when he started the engine for us. It was as if the girlfriend was back to life. We both sat in and I just took off after rewarding the mechanic.


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  • 1. Shalin  |  August 16, 2004 at 11:27 pm

    well it does help sometime to assume that your gf is dead. You can start thinking for few moments atleast. 🙂

  • 2. rachel  |  January 3, 2007 at 12:20 am

    my air call is all about that too!


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