Chennai Central: A Visit

August 2, 2004 at 9:54 pm 1 comment

With my hands on steering and mind trying to locate a toilet at the railway station I was trying to accelerate the car. I failed in both my tasks, neither I was able attain a decent speed nor could I locate a toilet. Inspite of paying regular visits to this landmark I was not able to recollect a place where I could take a leak. Ultimately I had to freeze on the option of using the toilet of one of the trains. All the water in there had united and there was a huge uprising as if they have learnt the lesson on freedom and was protesting to breakfree. I knew I would not be able to take it for more than a minute from now and I had not yet reached the parking lot. I somehow managed and reached the destination and it was all flowing out. I think I was in the same place where you reach while making love. After all I had held it for almost 3 hours.

I closed it with the greatest relief, washed my hands and came out of the train. Only now I realised that I had come here to receive one of my cousins. I immediately headed towards the information display only to find that the train was 20 minutes late and will arrive only at 20.25 hrs. Time was 19.45 hrs. I didn’t bother to calculate the time I will have to wait because I knew it was all waste, Indian Railways has always proved me wrong. I was very confident that the train will come either on platform number 1 or 2 so I went on to the platform number 2 in search of a bench. On my way I found a huge Indian made timer hanging from the celing which showed you the correct time. I turned back to have a look at another one and I found that both were synchronized. I ultimately found the only good thing about the place were these timers, all showed the same and the correct time. I found a blue wooden bench and decided to settle there for the next 20 minutes or so

While looking at the people around my eyes had a look at my tummy and I was dejected to find out that it had grown a little more. My tummy has beed coming out from past 3 months, I felt I was pregnant. I charged myself and decided to go for a walk. On the way to my journey towards the entrance I found that the train wanted me to walk a little more and therefore now it would arrive only at 20.55 hrs. I came back at 20.30 and ocuupied the seat I had vacated.

Gradually men in red, with their lungies folded exposing the shorts underneath, sat in a circle next to the bench and letting the whole world have a look at what is considered to be the most precious tool. I was trying hard to make out their topic of discussion but before I could have succeeded I heared a familiar female’s voice. She announced that the train no 1063 would come on platform number 1 in three different languages and made mistake in every word she spoke.

I only thing I was apprehensive about was the distance the guest would have to walk from the train to the car. It was almost a kilometer from the current location and the most unplanned part of the station. Going by the map, If I was at one of the ends of the station then the car park was at the other end. The people who planned this place had made sure that every person entering or leaving the city, visits every nook and corner of it as if they were out for a treasure hunt.

The construction on the platform added to my predicament and I was cursing almost everyone who was responsible for me being where I was. From the guest to the lady who said the train would arrive at 1, everybody got it from me. The construction has reduced the width of the platfrom by almost two third and there wont be enough space left for even air to pass through once passengers start unloading the train. The construction had started even before I started paying visits and there was no scope of it getting over till the turn of the century.

Ultimately I saw a bright light approaching and there was smile on everyone’s face, even the men in red got back to business and I started looking for my cousin as the train halted.


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  • 1. Swarna Rethas  |  August 4, 2004 at 12:17 pm

    hey mithin,
    keep up the good work on your blog. You have a way of writing thats unique to yourself. Its funny though and makes for interesting reading. Keep the blogs rolling…


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