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July 27, 2004 at 7:06 pm 1 comment

I was just wondering what my next post would be and since its been quite a while since I joined TENMILES Corporation I think I should tell people about this. This a small, no, actually a very small software company which is mainly into product development, unlike other Indian companies which have clients we have customers, all the big players and all over the world.Though we dont have an official “Life at Tenmiles” description, but I think all of us here fit into the environment stated -We’re perfectionists, and as with most small companies we do more than our “job description”. We’re intense, we push ourselves and everyone else to do better, we arrive early and leave late, we can dress very casually, we don’t drive to fancy offices in fancy cars. Our salaries are pretty good and our benefits are very good — we come to work because we like what we do. We want very smart people to join us.

As for the details about people working here, everyone has his (one her also) past, present and we dont have the slightest of the idea about our future. When I joined, the company was most populated with about 6 people working, but since everyone here is as whimsical as the Indian monsoon now we are only 4. Ofcoure, our population index goes up and down every now and then like the BSE sensex.

But one person I can be very sure of not quiting the company anytime in near and far future is our boss(who is the CEO and the Founder). So now you know why he wont quit. Our CEO does everything other than sleeping, eating and partying. No, you have got the wrong picture of him. He is as lively as those rave parties where people are out of their senses, mind stoped working but body refusing to stop shaking. You againg got the wrong picture, he is in full senses, humorous and have mastered the art of pulling legs. I think this is more than enough for the boss otherwise I would be told to sit at home and keep blogging rest of my life. Before I forget, to give a better picture of him I should tell you that he writes poems and songs, he is a cartooninst, he plays keyboard and watches only animated movies.

This leaves us with the rest 3 of which I am the one hoping people will write about me someday. There’s lso source of laughter in this place which makes our face keep glowing throughout the day only if her confidence has not been shaken up by the complexity of the project. This female which hates to be addressed as female keeps cracking her stupid jokes now and then and we laugh just thinking how somebody who solve the toughest of the mystries in fraction of seconds can crack the silliest of the jokes. Sometimes we have to postmortem the joke to find out where exactly the joke is. She is ruthless when it comes to pull someones leg. Even if you are one of those who is very little sensitive and give a damn to people, she would make sure that you cry at the end of the day. If not cry, atleast plead for some mercy.

To add to the bhelpuri(variety) we have a singer among us. A Classical Singer and the only hope of survial of the carnatic music. He eats, sleeps and also breaths it. He puts up all his brain and will celebrate the day he takes all his belongings home form office safely. This master of maths has a great sense of humor but gets irritated when we tease him with a female whom he hates like hell. But the face glows as the utensils which they show in those cleaning powder ads and starts blushing when it comes to his girlfriend.
I think this is more than enough for all of them to come and punch me in turns. Theres a new female joining tommorow who it seems is excellent. So let’s see……………….


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  • 1. Anonymous  |  July 28, 2004 at 2:42 pm

    OK let me take the pleasure of introducing the author this post to all its readers. He is the one who enters Tenmiles first and is the last to leave it everyday. Anytime, any day (includes Sunday) you walk in to the office you will find him at work. Thus it doesn’t come as a surprise to note that this industrious person has put in a laudable 100% attendance since the day he joined full time (oh yes that’s not a very long period but even then….).

    He is optimistic, has a good sense of humor and is a person one can bank on for practical and frank suggestions/advices.

    Munna goes around telling people that he won’t marry in his lifetime but spends hours chatting and speaking with… ( I am prohibited to complete the sentence). A paradox, isn’t he? He is stubborn as a mule on his decision of not buying a mobile. Where on earth could you find a person who has SIM card and a generous boss who is all willing to pay the bill, refusing to buy a mobile!! Hey and most important of all, he values his privacy a big deal man. 🙂


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