Calculate at lighting speed.

July 18, 2004 at 12:02 pm Leave a comment

What would you do if were told to multiply 2345 and 8765 or higher numbers?
What would you do if were told to divide 456 by 678432?

The only two possiblities are
1. You try to get a calulator and give the answer quickly.
2. You pick a pen and paper and try to give the answer but u’ll always have a doubt that the world might end before u give the answer.

Ofcourse the obvious possibility is u might say no to problem itself.

Now, what if question is framed this way –

What would you do if were to multiply 2345 and 8765, calculator was never invented and the world might come to an end in another few seconds?

Don’t give up, there is a solution to everything in this world and solution to this was found even before our forefathers existed.

All those CAT aspirants, who in there dreams see one of the IIMs(this is only if they sleep) know the solution. Vedic Maths is the answer to all those who are as slow as those saas bahu serials for a simple calcualtion. There is another system called Trechtenberg’s (hope I spelled it right) method of speed mathematics but is just the elementary form of vedic maths.

You can add, divide, multiply, subtract etc the longest numbers u can imagine within a spur of moment Of course I have exaggerated this one). That is not all, for all maths enthus who eat, sleep and dream only about differentiation and integration there is something for u also. The conventinal method of doing things (I mean addition, subtraction…….. and nothing else ) are imparted so heavily on the students at the early age that later in life when they have to shift to unconventional methods (like the ones in Vedic Maths) seems to be arduous task. But then, practise is only key to it. Only by practising u can get used to these unconventional and speedy methods.

So F*** the ancient and conventional methods of doing things and get adopted to the very ancient and unconventinal methods.


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