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People at TENMILES

I was just wondering what my next post would be and since its been quite a while since I joined TENMILES Corporation I think I should tell people about this. This a small, no, actually a very small software company which is mainly into product development, unlike other Indian companies which have clients we have customers, all the big players and all over the world.Though we dont have an official “Life at Tenmiles” description, but I think all of us here fit into the environment stated -We’re perfectionists, and as with most small companies we do more than our “job description”. We’re intense, we push ourselves and everyone else to do better, we arrive early and leave late, we can dress very casually, we don’t drive to fancy offices in fancy cars. Our salaries are pretty good and our benefits are very good — we come to work because we like what we do. We want very smart people to join us.



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I failed to understand…

I write this not to hurt anyone but jus to tell that I am still learning.When in college there were really very few people whom I really cared for and didnt even bother to give a shit to others. Ofcourse I never knew what I meant to them and really never bothered to. I was very confident it was me who brought changes to their lives but was sure that I was not of supreme importance to them at any point of their lifetime till date. It was only these people who really meant something to me or probably they were everything to me. My world and mind never extended beyond them and today its been a couple of months since we are out of college.


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Calculate at lighting speed.

What would you do if were told to multiply 2345 and 8765 or higher numbers?
What would you do if were told to divide 456 by 678432?

The only two possiblities are
1. You try to get a calulator and give the answer quickly.
2. You pick a pen and paper and try to give the answer but u’ll always have a doubt that the world might end before u give the answer.

Ofcourse the obvious possibility is u might say no to problem itself.

Now, what if question is framed this way –


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