In a History class

June 18, 2004 at 4:26 pm Leave a comment

“School disperse”, shouted the school pupil leader and everybody started heading towards their respective classes.

“Whats the first period?”, asked Kamal on the way to his class on the first floor.

“I think its Raji’s”, Rajesh turned around and replied.

“Oh shit, not again”, was the reaction.

As soon as everybody entered the class Kamal asked “Did anyone see Raji ma’am today ?”, hoping to avoid history but all his hopes were ruined when he saw Mrs Rajalakshmi at the entrance waiting for everybody’s butt to settle down.

A short, not very dark female in her mid 40’s still looked young enough to pull crowd. With her spectacles hanging down from her neck she made sure she looked like a perfect teacher. Teching history was not a matter of choice but was a resultant of no other options. 15 years was what her history teaching experience but even today she felt broken without the text.

“India’s struggle for Independence”, she started looking into the second part of the history text.

“Yesterday I got a very pleasant surprise”, Kamal also started, looking into the eyes of his pedagouge as if she was his one and the only love and history was the only thing he was thrown on this earth for. But the message was for Rajesh sitting next to him.

Rajesh who was still being trained by Kamal on how to chat in an ongoing class turned his head and asked curiously, “Why what happened?”.”Look in front u moron”, Kamal teaching his student and Rajesh turned back like a very obedient student.”I got my new computer”, Kamal not bothering what his teacher was blabbering but pretended as if it was only to attend history classes he comes to school.

“Pls don’t disturb”, Senthil who was sitting in front of Rajesh turned and whispered. Senthil was another brainless history fan who took eternity to solve a simple math problem but could fill pages for a 2 marks history question.

“Shut your gob”, Kamal almost shouted and this was enough to draw the attention of the tutor.

Interrogating the case she made both, Kamal and Senthil, stand and asked “What is happening there?, Senthil why did u turn?” Senthil being the pet he knew he had fair chances of escaping and he replied “Both, Rajesh and Kamal are disturbing ma’am. They are talking and not listening.”

Kamal who had done Phd on how to handle a situation of this kind very confidently interrupted Senthil and said “Ma’am I had a doubt related to the subject.”

“Next time you have a doubt ask me, I am the teacher.” Commanded and ordered both of them to take their respective seats. Senthil very well understood its no point complaining but adjust and both Kamal and Rajesh resumed their business.


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