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At a local wine shop

It was Sunday evening and all of them had some company, be it dog or TV or anything for that matter. I had only my loneliness and suddenly I heard something ringing, it was the telephone. My brother picks it up after some 6 rings, who was waiting for me to pick it up.”Munnaaa”, he shouted and gave me looks as if he already knew that the call was for me.”Salaam waaliqum”, a very manly voice and the words made me feel as if some gangster has called.



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In a History class

“School disperse”, shouted the school pupil leader and everybody started heading towards their respective classes.

“Whats the first period?”, asked Kamal on the way to his class on the first floor.

“I think its Raji’s”, Rajesh turned around and replied.

“Oh shit, not again”, was the reaction.


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My Source of Inspiration

Never be content with someone else’s definition of you.

Instead define yourself by your own beliefs, Your own truths,

Your own understanding of what you are and how you came to be.

And never be content until you are happy with the unique person you are.

Trust me, I dont believe in prophecies, but if i am to propose one to the world, this would be it.

This is the expression of what i have tried hard to express all these years, not to others, but to me.


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From Home to Office

I have failed to understand one thing in my life or probably I never want to that why are there working hours for every office under the sky’s roof? I never asked this question to anybody because I know I would sound stupid and like everyone even I getup and get ready for my office. After everything is done and as I open the door to step out I remember that I am forgetting something and after a minute of research in my pocket I discover that I have not taken my bike keys. I pick them up and get down only to find that my bike is behind another bike which is to be taken out first in order to get the clear picture of my (actually not mine) black Calibre 115.


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